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   Bill Sherrell






Bill Sherrell

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I appreciate you taking the time to browse through my photography. I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I have enjoyed creating them! For me, photography gives me a way to connect with the beauty of nature, and to communicate what I see and feel to the rest of the world. We all have times when we just want to get away from all the fast pace of life, and find more meaning to our lives. It is my hope that for those people who would like to get away and get back to nature, but just do not have the time at hand to do so, that my images will give them peace, and a sense of spiritual connection to these places that I photograph, so that they might feel what I feel when I am photographing nature at its best. My overall purpose of doing my craft is to create stunning imagery that will evoke a sense of wonder and amazement for all people to enjoy. I also wish to create an awareness of our fragile ecological environment in the hope that people will want to preserve our land and not spoil or pollute it in favor of urban sprawl. We only have one planet, and it is my hope that my images will help to create and mold that awareness for a clean unspoiled planet, for all generations to come. My craft in photography gives me my sense of purpose for being here, and, hopefully to help preserve our environ-ment by making my contribution of awareness through my images. -Bill Sherrell 

Bill earned his degree in photography at Elkins Institute of Photography in Dallas, Texas. Bill moved to Colorado in 1997 from Dallas, where he fell in love with the majestic mountains Colorado has to offer and the outdoor life Colorado is known for. Bill is very passionate about his work and hopes to leave a legacy of his images behind for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. 

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